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Fitbit Charge 5


Fitbit Sense

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Garmin Venu Plus 2

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Fitbit Charge 4


Garmin Forerunner 245

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How many times you decided to establish healthy habits to optimise your lifestyle, then you failed!!

It normally happens for countless people all over the globe because they lacked persistence, motivation, and good planning.

Now it is easier than before. Thanks to the new technology that provide us with an invention called the health tracker smartwatch. 

Here 4 points on how health or fitness trackers can facilitate you to own the life that you simply dreamed about.

1- Daily Motivation

Health tracker has the advantage of visualising your progress in the form of appealing info-graphs and easy to read data that record your daily progress, so after you see how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, and how long you’ve been active. that will help you to stay on track. Additionally, if you are trying to lose weight or trying to achieve a certain level of fitness, the visual display of your daily progress certainly will help you push harder, which leads to the results that you are looking forward to. Moreover, most health trackers allow you to share your progress along with your mates on social media and form personal exercise groups with challenging goals.

2- Good Planning

To achieve the result you would like, you may need to set a practical goal that’s achievable. you can’t be completely fit if you lead a sedentary life and don’t exercise. However, if you employ a fitness tracker, it’ll facilitate your design of realistic goals within the recommended timeframe. It also makes sure that you do not get de-motivated and quit midway. The fitness tracker offers different workout ideas that are customized to cater to your current fitness level. Furthermore, they will track your sleeping, eating habits and exercises and will update you with the area you need to enhance.

3- Improving your health

Health trackers will track many health parameters in your body starting from saturated oxygen in your bloodstream SpO2 and heart rate to provide you with a cardiograph. So if you have problems in your heart or with breathing, it would be a very useful tool to track these vital parameters and provide them to your doctor. If you are an active person, it would be also a very important tool for you to track the intensity of your workout—and make sure you’re not overdoing it. Not only that, but health trackers can also help you to have healthy eating as they can log your food and water intake then provide you with reminders for regular drinking water and advise you for your calorie’s intake every day.

4-  Stay connected

A fitness tracker can assist you to set aside your mobile phone to easily do your workout.

Fitness trackers have a built-in Bluetooth to keep you informed with all upcoming notifications while you’re on a run or lifting weights.

Product Quick Comparison

Garmin Venu Plus 2

Buy it, if you are looking for a stylish device for your everyday wear with amazing workout tracking tools for tracking your daily exercise.


Garmin Forerunner 245​

It is the best smartwatch for runners. It is the balance between the price and the functionality.


Fitbit Charge 4

Everything you need for less money.


Fitbit Charge 5

Buy it, if you need to track your stress and suggestions of pre-designed workouts. A super-slim watch on your wrist.


Fitbit Sense

If you are looking for comprehensive health tracking, Don't missed it !

Our Reviews

Best Value

Garmin Venu Plus 2

Our take

Garmin Venu Plus 2 is one of the first-class fitness trackers. It tracks your SpO2, heart rate, sleep cycles, respiration, skin temperature, and stress.

It is provided with a high-quality microphone which enables you to receive or make calls on your wrist. your voice will be so clear and will access your phone’s voice assistant with no issues. It is compatible with Siri, Google Assistant and Bixby. making calls using Garmin Venu Plus 2 is a safety option. In an emergency, you can use a shortcut on your watch to reach a contact automatically, and activities like running and cycling are provided with automatic incident detection that kicks in when the watch detects a fall.

If you would like to run without carrying your phone, there’s onboard storage for up to 350 songs. Also, you can control music playback on your handset via Bluetooth by your watch.

Contactless payment is a very handy feature that you can use in everyday purchases and to pay for public transport services as well. 

Battery life is 10 days on battery saver mode, up to 8 hours with both GPS and music or 24 hours with GPS and no music.

 USB-A cable is used in charging the watch. It plugs into the back of the watch case easily and stays securely in place.

It comes in a stainless steel case makes it suitable for any occasion. A mid-sized case (a 43mm ) should be okay with most wrists.
The Venu 2 Plus comes in three colourways: cream-gold stainless steel with an ivory band slate stainless steel with a black band, and silver stainless steel with a powder grey band. The bands are made from soft silicone but you can change it later to leather or metal as you like.

Its water resistance rating is 5ATM. Therefore, it is suitable for swimming or showering but not for diving.

On-screen muscle maps show you the group of muscles that you recently trained in your exercise. Moreover, guided workout animations for yoga and Pilates is an outstanding advantage.

Its GPS is accurate and with a return-to-start feature which is pretty handy if you are exploring a new place during your workout. Before you start, choose Navigation from the menu, and the watch will use GPS to lock onto your current location at that moment so you can return safely.

women’s health tracking is extremely useful for women. you can monitor your monthly cycle in the Garmin Connect app and on your Venu 2 Plus. The app will show you a warning when your period is due to start and prompt you to log symptoms throughout. There’s also a pregnancy tracking feature.

Stand-out features include

  • High-quality microphone, so you can  make and answer your calls
  • Battery life : 10 days
  • Appealing AMOLED display
  • Super accurate GPS with a return-to-start feature.
  • water resistance rating of 5ATM good for swimming/showering
    Responsive heart rate tracking
  • on-screen muscle maps

Best Rated

Fitbit Charge 4

Our take

It comes with a built-in GPS to track your outdoor workouts independently.

It grants you access to Fitbit’s advanced sleep-tracking features, text replies, and contactless payments.

The screen can only display in black and white, but it’s half the size of a normal smartwatch.

It has the combination of the touchscreen and pressing button to navigate through the menu and settings.

It is very comfortable to wear throughout the day and will never hurt you during the day or sleeping to track your sleeping. It also gives you a Sleep Score based on your sleep duration, sleep stages, heart rate, (SPO2) levels and skin temperature. 

Battery life is up to 7 days.

Stand-out features include

  • Built in accurate GPS.
  • Attractive design.
  • Considerable price.


Garmin Forerunner 245

Our take

Garmin Forerunner 245 has a colourful display, and it can store music onboard. No need to carry your phone during running.
Design: It is a more refined design than its previous model. the edges are well round, giving it a less boxy shape. Although, it has a smaller size 42mm case. It has a good screen size of 30.4mm with a high resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. It has transflective displays — which reflect sunlight to make it more viewable during outdoor activities. You will have no problem seeing what was on the display, day, or night.
Functionality: It can show you notifications, your calendar, the weather, workout history, steps, heart rate, health stats and more. Furthermore, you can add, remove, and rearrange them as you like.
It is with a simple menu that allows you to navigate through in an easy way to access all its features and functions. The Forerunner 245 will also present notifications from your mobile phone However, you cannot reply or give orders to an assistant like Siri.
Running features: The Forerunner 245 combines a lot of metrics catering to runners. Training Status analyzes your exercises to see if you’re on track as you should; Training Load looks at your previous seven days of exercise; and anaerobic and aerobic Training impact, to see the effectiveness of your workouts. Moreover, it will also show you a map of your run. If you had an incident during your running, Incident Detection and Assistance will allow you to use the Forerunner 245 to contact emergency and will send them your exact location. By using this watch, you will be able to race one of your previous runs.
Music:You can leave your smartphone aside and use Forerunner 245 to download your favourite audio files and form your running playlist. The watch can be connected to any SoundSport wireless headphones during your run and also you can switch between playlists on the watch while running.
GPS is working accurately and well track your running route. Its screen is well bright and you can customise it to display the status that you are interested in.
Battery life is an advantage here. It lasts for about 7 days without GPS. If GPS is on it will last for 24h.

Stand-out features include

  • lightweight
  • precise GPS
  • Long battery life up to 7 days
  • Advanced running dynamics
  • Accurate optical heart rate sensor.


Fitbit Sense

Our take

The Fitbit Sense is one of the best Fitbits smartwatches right now.

Design: small and light stainless-steel case with rounded sides. On its right side, there is a small touch-sensitive sensor that acts as a button to browse the watch menu and commands. Sense’s AMOLED display is impressive. It is bright and colourful. The watch is available in a black case and black band, or a gold case with a white band.

You can receive phone calls and SMS messages from your phone and can dictate responses to SMS messages using Sense’s built-in microphone.

Fitbit Sense comes with a 6-month free trial of Fitbit Premium. So you can enjoy countless benefits of its effective tools for managing your stress levels such as mindfulness tutorials and meditation sessions. An ECG sensor is included to detect any signs of atrial fibrillation, it also has an outstanding stress monitoring function.

If you are not a big fan of training, you still have a handsome package of fitness tracking features offered by Fitbit Sense that provides you with a group of workouts and statistics that will keep you on and enable you to track your progress toward your fitness and health goals.

It comes with a lovely Band strap, which is made from soft silicone without hard buckles. the band is very comfortable, which will enable you to enjoy your sleep with no problems. The bands are 2 sizes small and large. The small band suits wrists which are about  5.5-7.1 inches, while the large one fits wrists 7.1-8.7 inches.




Stand-out features include

  • Comprehensive fitness/health tracking
  • long battery life up to 6 days
  • Unique design
  • Female health tracking
  • Contactless payment NFC 
  • 6-month subscription to Fitbit premium for free.


Fitbit Charge 5

Our take

It is provided with The Daily Readiness Score which is a number based on your activity, your sleep,  and your HRV. Every morning, your Fitbit app gives you a score with details on what impacted it, and suggested workouts for the day. It is also provided with an EDA sensor which is responsible to measure stress through changes in the sweat glands on the skin. 

When you buy it, you can earn six-month Fitbit Premium membership for free, which will grant you access to more fantastic features, such as guided video, and audio workouts, a Health Metrics dashboard, and sleep and mindfulness tools.

Design: with its coloured OLED screen, it is very bright and easy to be read even in direct sunlight.  

Sleep tracking: It will enable you to analyse your sleeping patterns. By its outstanding sleep tracking metrics, you can track your total sleep time and your sleep score from your last night. Additionally, you will be able to monitor your sleep stages, sleep score, and set a smart wake alarm by using the Fitbit app.
Daily Readiness Score is a good addition here. According to 3 factors – your activity, your heart rate variability (HRV), and your recent sleep, every morning you will have a score each morning which shows your body’s readiness for exercise. Based on this score, you would receive suggested workouts for the day.

Battery life: up to 5 days if GPS, heart rate monitoring and on display are on all the time, it will last for 2 days only.

Stand-out features include

  • 6 Months Fitbit Premium membership for free
  • an ECG monitor
  • Contactless payments
  • EDA sensor to measure the stress

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